Let's Talk Discounts

Let’s talk DISOUNTS!

We can definitely say that today’s world is a much more price-conscience and bottom-dollar driven world than even just 10 years ago. With a quick search a person can find out a range of prices for a given product; some prices we beat every day, some prices that seem to come out of left field.

To help fight this constant pressure, we do many things….

#1 EDLP. Every Day Low Price. Many of our paints and brushes will be found in our store at an every-day-low-price. It’s too difficult to list every discount, but let’s talk through our professional watercolors.
M Graham watercolor 40% off msrp every day
Winsor & Newton 25% off msrp every day
Holbein up to 30% off every day
Daniel Smith watercolors 40% off every day
QoR watercolors 25% off every day

Yes, you may find deeper discounts out there, but our prices are either on-par or “in the  ballpark” to other people selling the same products. Along with watercolors, most of our acrylics, oils, artist brushes are also 25-40% off msrp every day.

We are especially proud of our canvas pricing. Our stretched canvas is always on sale. Our imported brands are 40-60% off and our artist-grade brand, Fredrix, is now 50% off, all the time! Our prices generally beat catalog pricing and you don’t have to pay the freight or incur any damage.

#2. BULK PRICING. You will often see this type of pricing on pencils, pens and some printing papers. The more you buy of a product (any assortment of colors) the price per piece goes down. Let’s looks at two items:

If you buy a single Durer Watercolor pencil, it will cost you $2.89. If you buy 6 or more of any assorted Durer pencils, the price per pencil goes down to $1.99 each. We want to reward a customer for re-stocking their selection or “making their own set” of colors.

This pricing also happens with Copic Markers. Buy  a single pen, they sell at retail, $7.99 each. Buy 5 or more assorted, the price drops to $5.99each.

#3. STUDENT DISCOUNT. If you have a class list from a class or workshop being held here, the Spokane Art School, college or even an out-of-town venue, let us know. We offer a 10-20% discount off of items that are not on sale or are at and EDLP.

#4. SALES. We don’t run a lot of traditional sales (“This week take 20% off brand X paint”), since most of our paints, brushes and canvas are at deep discounts all the time. That being said, we try to rotate in paper, pads, canvas and markers at even deeper discounts. These items often are on sale until we run out of product.

#5. BIDS. We don’t always match online pricing (some of the listed prices are just crazy!), but we can often offer better prices on bulk buys if we have just a bit of time to gather materials. If you are stocking for a class or big event and need multiples of certain items, we might be able to get you a better price.

#6. THE GREAT ART ADVENTURE. The first weekend of October (in 2019 it will be the 4th and 5th) we host the GAA! It is a 2-day sale and demo where we bring in reps and demonstrators and put the entire building on sale over and above the EDLP and sale prices. Last year for the two days of the GAA we ran the entire store at another 20% off!

We will make our best attempt to get all of our customers a good deal on their art materials. Through a combination of every-day-low-prices, sale pricing and discounts we hope to be “in the ballpark” with any other retailer out there. Thank you for your support.


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