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Watercolor Accessory Kit

Watercolor Accessory Kit

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One of our favorite gifts to give the watercolor artist. Built for the painter early in their journey, these 9 items are picked to help unlock the next level of art. Accessories to expand what and where the artist can paint. The items included are:

2 - Mini Watercolor Journals 3"x4.5". Slip in a pocket or paint out ideas. View single item.
 - Pebeo Masking Fluid. Help keep the whites of your paper white. Peel off when ready to reveal. View single item.
 - Rubber Cement Pick-Up. Cleanly pick-up dried masking fluid.
1 - Collapsible Water Container. Silicone cup for water. Great for travel and classes.
1 - Metal Travel Palette/12 half pans. Create a mini palette with your favorite colors or get ready for travel. View single item. 
 - Empty Water Brush/flat. Fill with water and start painting in buckets of water or planning needed.
1 - Roll Nichiban Tape #251. Help create sharp lines without tearing the paper. Thin tape with a light adhesive.
1. Jar Bleedproof White. Thick, opaque white watercolor to cover backgrounds, mistakes or add accents. 
1 - Viviva try-out color swatch. Just for fun. 

As beginning and advancing watercolor artist add to their materials, these are the most often added items past color, paper and brushes. Jump-start their journey!

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