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Travel Watercolor Bundle: Mini

Travel Watercolor Bundle: Mini

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1 - Aqua Journal 3.5”x5.5”  We like this little book for many reasons. It has 140# paper, lays flat, has elastic to help keep it closed in travel and the cover is very tough. The paper will hold up to sketches, pen & ink, watercolor pencils…and of course watercolors!

1 - #808 Sketch pad.  Marketed as the “Only sketchbook you’ll ever need” these pads are great. The 93# paper has one side textured, the flip side smoother for more detail/pen & ink. Double-wire bound to lay pages flat or fold under with heavy-duty cover and backing. Being both internally and externally sized they can take a beating; we even have watercolor classes that use these sketchbooks for their work without issues! Available in many more sizes (6”x9”, 9”x9”, 9”x12”, 6”x12”, 11”x14” and 18”x24”).

1 - Tendo Travel Brush #4. One of favorites right now. Folds in for travel, the hair is a synthetic imitation of squirrel hair. Extra soft, comes to a nice point and holds water better than most synthetics. The Aqua Journal has an elastic holder for this style of travel brush.

1- Koi Watercolor Set/12.  Half pans of 12 colors built to blend easily and mix well. Set comes with a medium waterbrush, sponge and the top works as palette or tilts up to brace postcard-sized paper. Colors include: Chinese white, lemon yellow, permanent yellow deep, vermilion hue, crimson lake, Prussian blue, cobalt blue hue, viridian hue, permanent green pale, yellow ochre, light red and ivory black.

1 - 3B General pencil.  A soft graphite pencil to lay out guidelines or sketch with.

1 - .08 LePen Technical.  Black ink, permanent when dry. You can ink over dried watercolors or draw your lines and fill in with color. Also available in 4 or 8 pen sets.

1 - Tombow Mono Light Eraser.  Soft, white eraser perfect for removing graphite lines.
1- Mini Mister. 10ml mister with cap. Just a nice item to help you keep your palette moist or to wet-down your paper when doing blending & wet-on-wet techniques.

1 - #588 Sketch & Wash Pencil.  A little-known, fun pencil. Looks like graphite when dry, it dissolves when you run a wet brush over the lines. Great when used alone (take water to your sketch to create new tones and textures) and can be mixed in over watercolor to help define your work.

1 - Little Red Sharpener.  Simple little tool to help keep your pencils sharp. As goofy as it sounds, we like this red sharpener the best; it is lightweight and easy to find in a mix of stuff!

  • We supply a complimentary, lightweight mesh bag for storage. Once you use your items, you may find a better or more compact way to store and travel with your supplies!
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