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Travel Watercolor Bundle: Inking

Travel Watercolor Bundle: Inking

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1 - Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set/12.  These colors work like standard watercolor with one small difference; once the inktense colors are on the paper and dry, they cannot dissolve (like standard water-soluble watercolors). You can layer colors easier and work pen & ink on top of the inktense colors without fear of the color shifting or mixing. Perfect for quick, on-the-go color. This set contains 12 Inktense paint pans, a mini waterbrush, a sponge and a mixing palette.

1 - BEE Creative Mixed Media 6”x9” pad. 93# paper that is sized for water-media. Paper is distinctly two-side with a textured side and a smooth-side to every page. Heavy double wire binding helps the books lay flat or pages fold under.  Heavy chipboard covers and backs help when traveling. Micro-perforated pages for easy removal.

1 - LePen Technical Drawing Pen Set/8. A must have set; this set includes every size of tip that LePen offers in this style of Drawing Pen. Permanent when dry, you can watercolor over sketches to add color, or draw lines over dried watercolor images. Tip sizes: .05, .03, .1, .3, .5, .8, 1.0 & BRUSH

1 - PB9132 Brush Set. A selection of smaller tips for details and splashes of color. Our theory is with set-up you don’t need to wet large areas of paper and lots of blending, you are going to be accenting and dropping little bits of color. Set includes: Round #1, Round #3, Round #5 (fine details), Filbert #4 (small soft edges), Script Liner #1 (long lines with a fine point),Wash 3/8"(largest brush with sharp edges).

1 – 460-35 5.5”x8.5” Smooth Bristol Visual Journal. We’ve added this journal because this paper is good for colored pencils and great for pen & ink…and can still take light washes and added color. This is a hot-press like paper in a spiral-bound, handy sized journal. 28 sheets of 100# paper. Not meant as a soak it down watercolor pad, but a nice detail capturing paper for your artwork.

1 - 4”x6” Fluid Watercolor Block: Hot-Press. This is a little try-out size watercolor block. These 15 sheets of paper are “glued” around the edges to help secure them. The hot-press surfaces is a nice, smooth surface to work on with pen & ink and watercolors. Perfect for grabbing those extra details.

1 - Bamboo Roll-up. 10”x13” when unrolled, these roll to protect your brushes. Fabric pockets help keep things in place, and air circulates around wet brushes to better help them dry while traveling.

1 - 3B General pencil. A soft graphite pencil to lay out guidelines or sketch with.

1 - Tombow Mono Light Eraser. Soft, white eraser perfect for removing graphite lines.

1 - Mini Mister. 10ml mister with cap. Just a nice item to help you keep your palette moist or to wet-down your paper when doing blending & wet-on-wet techniques.

1 - #588 Sketch & Wash Pencil. A little-known, fun pencil. Looks like graphite when dry, it dissolves when you run a wet brush over the lines. Great when used alone (take water to your sketch to create new tones and textures) and can be mixed in over watercolor to help define your work.

1 - Little Red Sharpener. Simple little tool to help keep your pencils sharp. As goofy as it sounds, we like this red sharpener the best; it is lightweight and easy to find in a mix of stuff!

  • We supply a complimentary, lightweight mesh bag for storage. Once you use your items, you may find a better or more compact way to store and travel with your supplies!
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