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Travel Watercolor Bundle: Full Experiment

Travel Watercolor Bundle: Full Experiment

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1 - 24 color Koi Set.  Chinese white, lemon yellow, permanent yellow deep, vermilion hue, crimson lake, Prussian blue, cobalt blue hue, viridian hue, permanent green pale, yellow ochre, light red and ivory black, jaune brilliant, purple, cerulean blue hue, ultramarine deep, permanent green deep and burnt umber. aureoline hue, permanent orange, cadmium red hue, quinacridone rose, olive green and Payne's Gray.

1 - #808 Sketch pad.  Marketed as the “one sketchbook you’ll ever need” these pads are great. The 93# paper has one side textured, the flip side smoother for more detail/pen & ink. Double-wire bound to lay pages flat or fold under with heavy-duty cover and backing. Being both internally and externally sized they can take a beating; we even have watercolor classes that use these sketchbooks for their work without issues! Available in many more sizes (6”x9”, 9”x9”, 9”x12”, 6”x12”, 11”x14” and 18”x24”).

1 - #440-12.  We included this 6”x12” pad just for fun. It is a great landscape shape and is heavy enough paper to get beat up on with any of the additional pencils or pens.

1 - 50 pack Richeson postcards.  Printed with mailing lines on the back, these cards are 135# paper and great for any watercolor or mixed-media work. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a thoughtful card in the mail?

1 - 7”x10” Pentallic Watercolor Field Book.  Our best-selling water media journal to date! These journals have 24 sheets of 140# watercolor paper. They double-wire bound so that pages can lay flat or fold 360degrees and don’t easily snag or bend. Heavy front and back covers help protect your work and won’t tear. Built in a landscape format, think about painting on two pages side-by-side for panoramic work. Available in 2 larger sizes as well: 9”x12” and 11”x14”.

1 – 12 Set Watercolor Pencils . The Goldfaber pencils are a great way to combine value and quality. Good color saturation without maximum price saturation. Use the pencils as a colored pencil, or brush over with water to “melt” them into a cool watercolor effect.

1 - Faber Pitt pen set/4.  There are many style of pigmented pens that are permanent when down, but we like this little set for its selection of tips. The four pen tips included are: Superfine, Fine, Medium and Brush. You can draw and ink with these and add color over the top…when dry, or add lines back into your finished watercolors (again when they are dry).

1 - #588 Sketch & Wash Pencil.  A little-known, fun pencil. Looks like graphite when dry, it dissolves when you run a wet brush over the lines. Great when used alone (take water to your sketch to create new tones and textures) and can be mixed in over watercolor to help define your work.

1 - .7 Pebeo Masking Pen. Replace the bottle and brush masking fluid with an all-in-one tool. Protect the white of the paper with this peelable, rubber solution. Paint over the top…and peel off to reveal the layers underneath. Perfect for travel.

1 - 4”x6” Fluid Watercolor Block: Hot-Press.  This is a little try-out size watercolor block. These 15 sheets of paper are “glued” around the edges to help secure them. The hot-press surfaces is a nice, smooth surface to work on with pen & ink and watercolors. Perfect for grabbing those extra details.

1 - PB9144 Brush Set. A nice, affordable set that can take its licks. Set includes: Round #1 & Round #4 (pointed for detail and varying line widths), Shader #6 (medium-sized with a sharper line),Wash 3/8"
Wash 1" (for applying larger areas of color).

4 Assorted Pens. (One each) 1. Black medium tip Elegant Writer...non-permanent black pen that breaks into subtle, mutli-pigment look when wetted. 2. Black, Pilot Razor…non-permanent pen with an ultra-fine tip. #. Black, Pentel Sign pen with a brush tip…non-permanent brush tip. 4. White Uniball pen…great for adding highlights to any work.

1 - Oops Eraser. Another little hidden gem; who doesn’t need a large eraser somedays. From our history, this eraser does the best of any to erase the graphite lines from watercolor paper, even lines from underneath painted watercolors. Also cool since it is an eraser that says “Oops”!

1 – Brush Pens Set/12.  We tossed these in just for fun. They are a generic version of a water-based dual brush pen in 12 basic colors. The best features are the fact they are water-soluble and the 2nd tip is a 3mm fine point for detail.

1 – Derwent WaterBrush Set/3. This brush is both a handy water holder and brush together in an all-in-one tool that has been developed for artists to paint outdoors with ease. It is portable, leak-proof, easy to clean and refillable. Available in fine and medium round and a chisel tip. The brush heads are made of synthetic nylon and will hold 10ml of water or liquid.

1 - Mini Mister. 10ml mister with cap. Just a nice item to help you keep your palette moist or to wet-down your paper when doing blending & wet-on-wet techniques.

1 - Little Red Sharpener. Simple little tool to help keep your pencils sharp. As goofy as it sounds, we like this red sharpener the best; it is lightweight and easy to find in a mix of stuff!

1 - Bamboo Roll-up. 10”x13” when unrolled, these roll to protect your brushes. Fabric pockets help keep things in place, and air circulates around wet brushes to better help them dry while traveling.

  • We supply a complimentary, lightweight mesh bag for storage. Once you use your items, you may find a better or more compact way to store and travel with your supplies!
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