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Daniel Smith

'Tis the Season Daniel Smith Watercolor Set (3 colors)

'Tis the Season Daniel Smith Watercolor Set (3 colors)

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This seasonal set of three watercolors is infused with fun and fragrance – and bonus – your favorite art supply retailers will have special pricing on this set for a limited time. You get three 15ml tubes for the price of two!

Transparent Yellow Oxide
Make a bold statement with this earthy yellow that radiates warmth. In washes and glazes, it gives a golden amber glow to your paintings. Complete transparency gives your glazes crystalline clarity, while mixtures remain clean and vibrant.

Imperial Purple
Rich in texture, this highly-saturated purple will granulate to reveal shades of plum and ultramarine. From the deepest purple in mass tone to the palest lavender in delicate washes, this princely pigment delivers every time. Give a stand of garden irises the royal treatment or kiss the sunset with the softest touch of violet.

Christmas Tree Green – Limited Edition
Release a fresh pine tree scent with every brushstroke! Straight from the tube, this rich, mid-range green (aka Cascade Green without the fragrance) is cool, dark and mossy. In washes, it has a stunning clarity. Play with its subtle variations from dark to light to add the illusion of depth.

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