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Daniel Smith

Quinacridone Gold Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor

Quinacridone Gold Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor

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Everyone’s favorite, Quinacridone Gold replaces Raw Sienna and adds versatility with its glazing and mixing capabilities. It is an excellent low-staining golden yellow pigment that can enhance any mixture. Highly durable and extremely transparent, all the DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone colors excel in vivid clarity and intensity.

When the last batch of single pigment Quinacridone Gold was produced (the manufacturer of PO 49 had stopped making this pigment and allowed us to purchase all their remaining available stock, which lasted 17 years), we developed this new blend of PO 48 and PY 150 pigments. As you can see by the blending comparison below, it’s a gorgeous match!

    SKU: 284600238
    Pigment: PO 48; PY 150 | Series: 2
    Lightfastness: I – Excellent
    Transparency: Transparent
    Staining: 2-Low Staining
    Granulation: Granulating

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