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QoR Mini Watercolor Set: Complete Bundle

QoR Mini Watercolor Set: Complete Bundle

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Everything you need to get started in the mini-sized world of watercolor. Take these items anywhere; they will fit into any bag, purse, most pockets..and of course all fanny packs. Intense Qor watercolors looks sharp on the 140# paper. We tossed in a micron to help sketch (ink is permanent when dry), and added both standard travel watercolor brush and a waterbrush that can be loaded for times when water is unavailable.

1 - QoR Mini Watercolor Set.  Smaller than an indes card, find 12 Intense colors stored in a metal tin. 

1 - 3.5"x5.3" Pentallic Aqua Journal. Another winner! 48 pages of 140# paper bound in this perfect travel book. Elastic strap for closure, lays flat and has a nice, hard cover to protect your work. 

1 - Protege Travel Brush #7 Round.  Great brush for travel; small enough to go anywhere, synthetic hair to handle any color. Folds down to 4".

One each .08 Micron pen and empty waterbrush with a round tip. A couple of nice extras that will come in handy. The Micron ink dries permanent so you can add color over sketches with no bleeding. The waterbrush will let you paint even if you don't have access to water. Load up and keep at the ready.

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