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Daniel Smith

Phthalo Blue Turquoise Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor

Phthalo Blue Turquoise Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor

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Phthalo Blue Turquoise is a stunning color and will take your breath away! This color is perfect for tropical seas and the deeper turquoise water off white sand beaches and so much more. The highly transparent, warm blue is positioned chromatically on the DANIEL SMITH color chart after Manganese Blue Hue and before Cobalt Teal Blue. Phthalo Blue Turquoise mixes beautifully with other colors, try mixing it with New Gamboge for a beautiful natural green, Quinacridone Rose resulting in a neutral violet and Pyrrol Scarlet for a fabulous gray. Phthalo Blue Turquoise is not quite as staining as the other Phthalo colors, so it is considered medium staining, and like our other Phthalo colors it is non-granulating and has excellent lightfastness.

SKU: 284600247
Pigment: PB 16 | Series: 2
Lightfastness: I – Excellent
Transparency: Transparent
Staining: 3-Medium Staining
Granulation: Non-Granulating

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