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Naples Yellow 37ml 121 Artist Oil Paint

Naples Yellow 37ml 121 Artist Oil Paint

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Naples Yellow 121 is a warm, pale yellow reminiscent of the yellows found in 17th and 18th century painting.

Pigment Composition - Natural Iron Oxide (PBr 7), Arylide Yellow (PY 74), Titanium Dioxide (PW 6)
Lightfast Rating - Excellent - LF I
Opacity Rating - Opaque
Drying Time - Moderate

Product# 11-121

Why Walnut oil?  We chose to build our oil paint with this oil because its unique refractive index and non-yellowing nature produces color that is more naturally alive and brilliant. In addition walnut oil allows us to increase the amount of pigment in each color, resulting in extraordinary richness, color saturation, brilliance and tinting strength.

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