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Leakproof / Airtight Travel Palette with 33 Spaces: RED

Leakproof / Airtight Travel Palette with 33 Spaces: RED

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  • Strong and Sturdy Red Watercolor Palette: It is made of injection mold plastic, sturdy and substantial in your hand. The thick plastic palette doesn't bend as easily.
    Art Palette folded up size: 12.6 x 6.3 x 1.0 inch.
  • Travel and Sketch Set: Compact and lightweight watercolor sets slip easily into your bag. The snap lock system ensures no risk of components falling out or getting loose during travel.
  • Ideal for All Water-based Media: The leakproof palette works perfectly for watercolor, acrylic, and other water-based pigment. Suitable for artists of all painting occasions.
  • Keeps Paint Fresh: This tray paint palette has a silicone airtight seal on the lid, which is great for keeping the paint pans moist, and easy to clean. Keep your colors tidy and organized.
  • Large Capacity: 33 Deep slanted wells. Each good size: 1.37” long x 1” wide. The folding airtight palette has a large color mixing tray, they lie flat and are perfect for mixing once you open the painting palette fully.


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