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Large Artist Porcelain Palette with Lid

Large Artist Porcelain Palette with Lid

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  • PREMIUM LARGE STUDIO CERAMIC PAINT PALETTE - Made of premium white Eco-friendly ceramic material, The ceramic watercolor palette is durable with a nice solid weight, and will not slide around while painting. Size 12-3/5"x 12-3/5", enough room for mixing
  • 32 deep wells and a very large central mixing area, the painting palette helps in choosing complementary colors across the color wheel super easily, and the large central mixing area makes your mixing more freely. Colors will come alive.
  • SMOOTH SURFACE - With the smooth surface, the paint will not bead but spread smoothly, when you did, Cleaning the porcelain palette is a breeze, it wipes perfectly clean just with a tissue.
  • Plastic cover can be used as a palette and cover to help keep colors clean. (Not a sealable cover)

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