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Landscape Set: Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks (with bonus pouch)

Landscape Set: Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks (with bonus pouch)

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We have curated a selection of Daniel Smith watercolor sticks to bring you a great landscape set. We have taken 13 landscape colors and secured them in this fabulous travel pouch. Not only that, we will...

 * add in a free stick to fill the 14th space (a color of our choice) and...
 * Give you the fabric pouch at no extra cost (a $10 value).

If you have not been introduced to the Daniel Smith watercolor stick, have a look at "Five Ways to Use DS Watercolor Sticks".

Colors Included in this selection:
Alizarin Crimson 284670039
Organic Vermillion 284670041
Opera Pink 284670042
Imperial Purple 284670040
French Ultramarine 284670003
Indanthrone Blue 284670044
Sap Green 284670001
Rich Green Gold 284670028
Aureolin 284670019
Quinacridone Gold 284670012
Piemontite Genuine 284670036
Burnt Umber 284670004
Buff Titanium 284670027

Size when shut: 5" wide x 4" tall (plus a 2" handle) x 1.5" deep
Size when open: 5" wide x 12" tall x .75" deep

We have built this selection using some of our favorite colors. Ultramarine Blue the ultimate mixer, Piemontite Genuine for shadows and shading, Quinacridone Gold as a yellow, earth color or glaze. The Organic Vermillion is a great base for your oranges and of course Opera Pink is the most vivid color on a palette. 

A great item to give as a gift to the watercolor artist on your list that thinks they have everything!

(Buff Titanium & Aureolin have a Prop65 warning)


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