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Koi CAC Pocket Field Sketch Box: 12 Colors

Koi CAC Pocket Field Sketch Box: 12 Colors

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First off, what is a CAC? Creative Art Colors. This Koi set is built using non-traditional watercolor tones. This set of 12 includes:

Silver, Light Gold, Deep Gold, Copper, Fluorescent Yellow, Fl Orange, Fl Red, Fl Rose, Fl Magenta, Fl Violet, Fl Blue and Fl Green.

Compact and portable (3.5" x 4 5/8" x 1") these colors will wow on their own, add a dash of color to your watercolor pieces and will, of course, blend and mix with your traditional colors.

Set also includes a sponge, mising area (under lid) and a water brush.

Product# XNCW-12MH

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