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Daniel Smith

Granulating Power! Set: Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks

Granulating Power! Set: Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks

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The Granulating Power set includes four PrimaTek watercolors plus an amazing black to add depth and visual texture to your work. They’re perfect colors for landscape, plein air, urban architecture and more. What’s even better – it’s value-priced at your favorite art supply retailer. You get 5 sticks for the price of 4, plus a free storage case! Set colors selected by Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay.

 If you have not been introduced to the Daniel Smith watercolor stick, have a look at "Five Ways to Use DS Watercolor Sticks".

Serpentine Genuine
Sodalite Genuine
Lunar Black
Piemontite Genuine
Hematite Genuine

*Comes with a plastic storage case


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A great item to give as a gift to the watercolor artist on your list that thinks they have everything!

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