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Gansai Tambi 12 Color Set

Gansai Tambi 12 Color Set

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A traditional Japanese paint used by both artists and crafters. The water-based pigmented paint can be highly opaque when used solely as a gouache but can also become more transparent depending on the amount of water added for dilution.

Kuretake's more than 100 years of sumi ink making technology enables beautiful blotting. The creamy smooth, blendable colors will even work on dark/black papers.

The cardboard box holds 12 large, plastic pans: 48mm x 28mm.   Colors include:
10 White
20 Black
31 Cadmium Scarlet
32 Red
36 Rose Madder Deep
40 Lemon Yellow
44 Yellow Ochre
46 Burnt Sienna
53 Sap Green
55 Viridian
64 Ultramarine
67 Indigo

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