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French Artist l'Aquarelle 14 half-pan Travel Box

French Artist l'Aquarelle 14 half-pan Travel Box

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Sennelier French Artists' Watercolors offer a bright and lively palette based on the traditional colors of French Impressionists. Made using the finest pigments, Kordofan Arabic Gum, and honey, these watercolors produce brilliant colors with a smooth texture. Sennelier watercolors have been reformulated with increased honey content for enhanced radiance and luminosity. The honey also acts as a preservative to extend longevity.

Includes 14 colors and one brush. Colors include:

501 Lemon Yellow
641 Sennelier Orange
675 French Vermillion
689 Alizarin Crimson
635 Carmine
679 Quinacridone Red
917 Dioxazine Purple
315 Ultramarine Deep
326 Phthalocyanine Blue
899 Forest Green
805 Phthalo Green Light
211 Burnt Sienna
703 Payne's Grey
440 Warm Sepia

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