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Daniel Smith

Floral 1/2 Pan Daniel Smith Watercolor Set (6 colors)

Floral 1/2 Pan Daniel Smith Watercolor Set (6 colors)

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Floral - "Cottage Gardens to Botanicals"

These vivid colors were selected by artists for their wide mixing range to capture the floral world both naturalistic and fanciful. The set includes two unusual granulating greens, Cascade Green and Green Apatite Genuine, both unique to DANIEL SMITH, which add fabulous texture for framing flowers with foliage beyond a basic mix of yellow and blue. These six colors are just the start of your creative journey as you mix these with your other palette colors!

* Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue
* Quinacridone Gold*
* Quinacridone Rose
* Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)
* Cascade Green (a granulating green)
* Green Apatite Genuine (a granulating green)

Pans are hand poured in Seattle, WA for the purest from of professional watercolor half pans. Colors will re-wet quickly and easily; paint formula for pans and tube colors is the same! Palette comes filled with 6 colors and 9 empty spaces to fill with your favorite color.

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