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Daniel Smith

Enviro-Friendly Brown Iron Oxide Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor

Enviro-Friendly Brown Iron Oxide Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor

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At full strength, the deep umber of our Enviro-Friendly Brown Iron Oxide is useful for warm shadows and dark values. Mixed with water, a brilliant granulating wash displays warm cinnamon tones with a darker pattern of granulation. Enviro-Friendly pigments are reclaimed and refined, giving you an earth-friendly option without sacrificing color quality. DANIEL SMITH Enviro-Friendly Watercolors-the colors aren’t green, but the process is! To make these paints, we use pigments from the earth’s crust, obtained through a process known as Iron Oxide Recovery (IOR). This method removes colored iron oxides that pollute mine water, cleaning the water so it can re-enter a receiving stream-and resulting in a cleaner natural environment. The recovered iron oxide is thoroughly washed, then used to create a trio of rich colors ranging in tone from a warm golden yellow to a deep red earth to a beautiful saturated dark brown with a bluish undertone.t.

    SKU: 284600178
    Pigment: PBr 6 | Series: 2
    Lightfastness: I – Excellent
    Transparency: Semi-Transparent
    Staining: 1-Non-Staining
    Granulation: Granulating

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