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Derwent Push Button Waterbrush Set/4

Derwent Push Button Waterbrush Set/4

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A brand new item for us, but one that is quickly rising the charts. This waterbrush not only comes in 4 tip styles, but has a couple of features up and beyond others.

  • A more comfortable grip. The handle is larger than most other brushes and comes with an ergo shape.
  • Push Button allows for complete control of water flow
  • Also comes with a cap - makes it easy for travel

"Push Button Waterbrushes feature a large water barrel with push button for easy to control water release. Ideal for use with watersoluble paints and pencils. Portable and convenient for indoor and outdoor use. The durable nylon fibre tip holds shape and point for continuous use and comes with a protective cap. Comfortable handling and leak proof".

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