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Daniel Smith

Blues 1/2 Pan Daniel Smith Watercolor Set (6 colors)

Blues 1/2 Pan Daniel Smith Watercolor Set (6 colors)

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Blues "Serene to Dramatic" A set with  4 unique* DANIEL SMITH colors plus, 2 true blues for seas and skies. These colors help create a huge, expressive range of blues from calm water and boundless skies, to active and stormy ones!

A color associated with tranquility and eternity, mood, and wellbeing. It’s all around us. While being one of the three primary colors, blue comes in a multitude of shades, each one with it’s own unique personality and characteristics. It can be mixed to create nearly any color your mind can dream up. At one point in Europe’s history, only the very rich were able to enjoy the luxury of blue paint. In my estimation, you can never have too many different blues! The word is ripe with possibilities and conjures up a multitude of images.” -Julie Ann Karlsson

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine*
Cerulean Blue
Lunar Blue*
Sodalite Genuine*
Payne’s Blue Gray*

Pans are hand poured in Seattle, WA for the purest from of professional watercolor half pans. Colors will re-wet quickly and easily; paint formula for pans and tube colors is the same! Palette comes filled with 6 colors and 9 empty spaces to fill with your favorite color.

This product contains a chemical know
to the State of California to cause cancer.
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