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'Basic' Set Japanese Watercolor Paint by Grumbacher: 6 colors

'Basic' Set Japanese Watercolor Paint by Grumbacher: 6 colors

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These Japanese watercolors are pigmented with a proprietary binder that creates an opaque paint with an eggshell sheen when dry. Thinning with water yields brilliant, transparent color. 

Set includes 6 pans of color. Each pan has the dried masstone on one side attached to a slanted, empty palette. Use the empty palette to thin down the opaque color or to mix.

     * Thin with water for brilliant, transparent color
     * White pan allows you to see accurate colors and mixes
     * Excellent lift allows you to add highlights & blend colors once dry

Colors include: Scarlet, Transparent Orange, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Sap Green, French Ultramarine and Violet.


Product# GRUM2462

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