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Daniel Smith

Aquatic Landscape Set: Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks

Aquatic Landscape Set: Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks

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The Aquatic Landscapes set of Watercolor Sticks includes four brilliant aquatic tones plus a classic shadow that will enhance your journey into the underwater world by capturing the beautiful colors of our oceans and waterways. What’s even better – it’s value-priced at your favorite art supply retailer. You get 5 sticks for the price of 4, plus a free storage case! Set colors selected by Caroline Deeble.

 If you have not been introduced to the Daniel Smith watercolor stick, have a look at "Five Ways to Use DS Watercolor Sticks".

Cobalt Teal Blue
Phthalo Turquoise
Carbazole Violet
Neutral Tint
Quinacridone Gold

*Comes with a plastic storage case


Product# 285670107

A great item to give as a gift to the watercolor artist on your list that thinks they have everything!

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