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Daler Rowney

Aquafine Whole Pan Watercolor Set: 12 colors

Aquafine Whole Pan Watercolor Set: 12 colors

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This set may not be one of the best sets of color ever made, but it is one of the best values we've stocked. 12 large, whole-pan colors are stored in a heavy plastic case. Add in a small round brush while the lid holds a 4-segmented palette. 

We like to call brands like Aquafine "university"-grade paints. They are vibrant and have strong, transparent colors but may lack definition when multiple mixes are needed. These colors are great for someone starting to paint watercolors, need additional colors or want a nice value.

Colors included:
001 Chinese White
620 Cadmium Yellow Hue
619 Cadmium Orange Hue
588 Vermillion Hue
515 Alizarin Crimson
433 Purple
123 Ultramarine
112 Coeruleum Hue
355 Leaf Green
663 Yellow Ochre
221 Burnt Sienna
|034 Ivory Black

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