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Daniel Smith

Alvaro's Caliente Grey Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor

Alvaro's Caliente Grey Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor

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Alvaro’s Caliente Grey, “is a terrific hue, very powerful, excellent to create strong and warm paintings. In monochrome this wonderful Grey is perfect to achieve a powerful atmosphere with amazing glow. This color is also perfect to add dramatic highlights and shadows.”

Alvaro’s Caliente and Fresco Greys, as he describes them, are about;

“…magnetism, fury, energy…power. You know greys… create a feeling of danger, emotion, passion… mystery…evoke things that are unknown…darkness. I use these greys to create a painting that has a magnetism…energy, mystery, passion…something to discover, entering the unknown, darkness. Both of these colors have just this type of feel to me.”
-Alvaro Castagnet

SKU: 284600243
Pigments: PBr 7, PB 29, PBk 6 | Series: 2
Lightfastness: I – Excellent
Transparency: Semi-Transparent
Staining: 2 – Low Staining
Granulation: Non-Granulating

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