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Daniel Smith

45 Half Pan/Metal Paint Box Daniel Smith set-up!

45 Half Pan/Metal Paint Box Daniel Smith set-up!

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Yes, you can buy a pre-selected Daniel Smith half-pan watercolor set with 24 colors...they will even supply a second metal box to fill up with 24 more colors of your choice. You can buy this set and squeeze in your colors and/or buy the pre-made half pans.

You could also buy all 45 pre-poured half-pans and buy an empty metal tin to create your own complete set. This would take a bit of time.

You could also buy this one item, and get it all...and a free brush! We will ship to you an empty, metal watercolor tin capable of holding 48 half-pans. We will also supply one each of all 45 colors currently being manufactured by Daniel Smith. We will also toss in 3 empty half-pans (to complete the palette) and a free #4 Round Velvetouch Brush (msrp $9).

Sale price of all colors: $319.04. Reduced price on a 48 space palette: $12.00. Cost on 3 extra empty half-pans and a #4 brush..$0.00!
Total Price for everything: $331.04

Image of empty 48 metal palette.
Size Closed: 8.75"L  x  4.5"W  x  1"H
Size Opened: 8.75"L  x 13.25"W   x 3/4"H

One each of all 45 colors!

Last thing to let you know...we will not fill your new palette. I want you to have the joy of getting to place your colors exactly where you would like them!

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