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1264 Fabriano Watercolor Paper Pads

1264 Fabriano Watercolor Paper Pads

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140#, bright-white, 100% virgin pulp watercolor paper great for any wet-media work. The paper has a great, slightly-textured cold-pressed surface.  The 1264 people tout the paper as having "outstanding lifting and scrubbing abilities" and I will say after selling this paper for 2 years, they are correct.

The name '1264' denotes the long history that Fabriano has had making paper, going back to the 13th century. 

Our quick, salesman rating on this product is a strong 4.5 stars. It is a paper we like to term "university"-grade. If you are used to using an Arches, Hahnemule or Artistico paper, you may notice a difference. If you need a strong, well-made paper for color charts, practice, test paintings, travel work and sketches...this paper is perfect. Also, the 8"x8" and 4"x8" are just the cutest things out there!

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