Pen & Ink Gift Ideas at Spokane Art Supply

Are you searching for a great gift for an artist that likes to work with pens and markers? Spokane Art Supply from Spokane, WA can help. Check out our top 7 gift ideas for the marker artist...or Marksist on your gift list.

  1. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Black ink and a very durable brush that can write out a very thin to thick line. Yes, available in this standard version, (does come in sepia and grey ink) but most importantly available in 6 different “wrapped” styles. Colorful, fun and a great tool to carry around to art at a moment's notice.
  2. Pointliner Pens. Another great Pentel product. Fine, pigmented lines that dry permanent. You can watercolor over these lines, and they won’t bleed. These nibs are built to be tougher and not split. Sized from a .05 to a .8 line.  $13.75 down to only $9.99
  3. 2021 Inktober Set. Great for a beginning artist or one that wants to expand the tools in their arsenal. 5 different pens...A couple brush tips, 2 fine line tips and a white pen perfect for highlighting. Only $16.00. This is the set that was introduced by Kuretake this last Inktober. 
  4. Copic Sets. If someone hints that they want Copic markers, this is what they want. Copic has a few different markers, but the sketch style marker (with brush tip) is by far the favorite. We have competitive pricing on 6, 12, 24, 36 and 72 markers sets.  
  5. Punilabo Silicone holders. Are these not the cutest things ever. $20, available in 10 styles from dog to parrot to pig (and cat), as well as flat and traditional pencil cases. Fun, bright and cool...the three things I most often hear about myself!
  6. Gel pens. I know, they've been around forever, but they always make a winning gift. We have big sets, fun styles, bright colors and one of the best made gel pens ever,  the GellyRoll.
  7. Don’t forget the paper. All these pens will work on virtually any paper, but all of them will work that much better on paper specifically made for pens and markers. These papers are generally bright white to pump up the contrast with the art. Smooth so there is no added bumps or texturing. And coated so that the fine lines, inks and dyes don’t just soak into paper and get lost. Available in many different sizes and styles, these are an item that many pen & ink artists forget to buy for themselves. 

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