2021 Kuretake Inktober Illustration Basic Set 2


2021 Kuretake Inktober Illustration Basic Set 2


Illustration Basic Set 2

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This combo set of five brushes and pens is recommended for those artists who are just starting out in the world of illustration.
With this set, you can easily express different aspects of illustration such as line drawing, solid painting, highlighting, and shading.


  1. ZIG Art & Graphic Twin 080-.8mm fine tip & a flexible brush tip fit for sketching, cartooning, illustrating and for use with rubber stamps.

  2. ZIG Cartoonist BRUSH PEN NO.22 – A medium brush tip that produces both thin and thick lines allowing much freedom.

  3. ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA 01 – Smudge-proof with watercolors and alcohol-based markers. Ultra-fine tip.

  4. KURETAKE BIMOJI FUDE PEN Fine – Beautiful lettering pen. Designed to imitate a traditional calligraphy brush and their thin & thick strokes.

  5. ZIG FUDEBIYORI PIGMENT​ – A semi-transparent white ink color that can add natural highlights. Layer, the color becomes deeper and more opaque.


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