Collection: Punilabo Pencil Cases & EGG POUCHES!

Adorable, animal-inspired that are built for the adult and the kid inside each of us. High qulity silicone cases are easy to clean.

Stamd Up Cases: Transport pencils and pens in the body, an eraser or sharpener on the top...and zip close. Push the bottom up for a cup to display your writing supplies upward! 15 animal styles available.

Lay Flat Pouches: Available in 5 styles, these pouches will hold a little bit of anything. The soft silicone is appealing to everyone...and they are cute! Approx 7" x 4" x 1" deep with rounded corners.

Lay Down Pouches: Flat on the bottom so they won't roll away, Approx 7" in length with a zipper that goes almost the entire length.