What is a Stifflex Journal?

What is a Stifflex Journal?

Every time I say "Stifflex" as in a Stifflex Journal, I have to Stiffle-x the laughter of the 12yo inside of me. Sadly I still snicker any time words like dongle, poop deck or the name of the 7th planet in our solar system are used.

The "Stifflex" in these journals comes from the fact the covers on the journals are both hard (stiff) + (flex) flexible. The covers won't tear or fall apart but they do allow you to easily flip through pages while fitting into pockets and packs. Add to these journals a mix of lined and blank pages, the ruler, pocket. elastic band and some super bright covers, they are pretty fun.

We will keep an eye out as more of the covers make it to the US. Not everything is available at the moment, but more covers are in-stock every time we check. If there is a specific cover you would like us to try and get, let us know!

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