The Great Art Adventure 2020 ppd

For the last 15 years we have held the Great Art Adventure the first weekend in October; for a few years at SFCC, for the last decade here in the building. One surprising piece of history; Spokane Art has held a fall consumer show since the early 1970s. At that time, the show was entirely for commercial accounts where new projectors, type fonts, layout products as well as engineering and architectural tools were shown. These fall events, in whichever form they took, have been something that could be counted on for many years.

That being said, we didn't think that this year it was the best choice to hold a big event that would bring in reps, artists and consumers over a short, two day period. In addition, most of the people we relied upon are not travelling. In even more addition, making sure new products and sale items were here at a specific time has gotten harder this year as the retail supply chain is getting back on its feet.

So we bring to you, the Great Art Adventure 2.0. This year, instead of a  two day event, we are building a two month event. Over October and November we are going to bring you better-than-ever sale pricing on everyday items, new items, new to us items and a lot of cool things in-between. Some items will be on sale for a limited time, many items will be on sale until we run out. Where we can we want to create try-out tables so you can play with items before you buy!

We won't be printing a traditional sale flyer to show these great deals; to see these items follow us on this blog, or keep an eye on our facebook page. Since getting materials on-time with consistency is tough, we will fire out sale notices as things arrive and go on sale in the building!

Following is a sketch of what items will (should) be on sale over next few months. I truly don't know when specific items will go on sale, and these deals may fall through. If you see something you are interested in, be sure to keep an eye on us for their bonus savings.

Speedball block printing kits
Strathmore Artist Tiles
Fabriano Fat pads
NEW Seth Cole mini sketch pads
NEW Cretacolor sets
Posca paint markers
Canvas bulk case sale
Golden acrylic mediums
NEW '1264' pads from Fabriano BOGO
Acrylic inks
Marabu pen sets
NEW 108 Tombow Dual set
NEW Manuscript fountain pens
Cachet pads 50%
F&W acrylic ink sets
NEW Royal Talens pads
72pce Copic sets
8oz acrylic jars
Extra % on brushes
Speecball screen printing kits
NEW Finetec Professional metallic watercolor sets
NEW Kuretake markers
NEW Bruynzeel pencil sets
Wall of Pigma pen sets
Acrylic sets...

.....and even more. Keep an eye out through the fall for all this crazy pricing!

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