Paper...Not A Sexy Gift Idea at Spokane Art Supply

You have been tasked with finding the perfect gift for the watercolor artist on your list. Your mother-in-law, neighbor, your neighbor’s mother-in-law...or worse yet...your own partner.
You’ve Columbo-ed this down and are pretty sure they paint watercolors, but you are afraid of buying a bad gift. Like in the Graduate Part 2, I have one word for you...”paper”.
That’s right, we said paper. It’s not sexy but watch the video to find out why it’s the PERFECT gift.

Yes, artist always need paint, but that can be a tough gift. A lot of artists have their favorite colors or their own palette, and since a single tube of artist-grade paint can run anywhere from $8 to $ can be tough. If you still want to buy color, I might suggest two items.

#1 Daniel Smith watercolor sets. Small, 5ml tubes in specific sets. Dot cards also. Greens, metallic, darks...themes and a nice way to add new colors.

2. Travel sets. Most artists have their studio set-up, but not all have a small set of color to toss in on a trip. $20 to $30 can get you a cool version, often with a waterbrush included.

Brushes. Also, super sexy. They’re thin, their hair is always in place, just like the supermodels. But again, artists often have their favorites. And if you buy a big set of brushes, they are not always artist quality Picking out specific shapes at $10 a brush can be tough. (That being said , we will certainly help you if you want to do this). If you really want to buy a brush, check out travel brushes (fold up) and can go to class or travel easily or one of our favorite new shapes, the Long or Ultra round. Points out like a standard round but has a longer belly to hold color. Wait...a big belly and comes to a point, sounds like me.

So let’s talk paper. Why did I pass over the super model their colorful friends and land on...paper?

A. Even if you get bad paper, an artist will use it for test sheets, layouts, color is a consumable that will get used up.

B. There are so many cool styles of paper that artists never seem to buy for themselves.

C. You’re giving a gift. These items are bigger, heavier and will flat out make a cooler presentation than a single brush or a few tubes of paint. So, let’s talk paper. Here are a handful of our are more than welcomed to stop in and see our entire selection.

  • Premier Watercolor Journals. Great for travel, store ideas or just a change of pace. 140# paper, heavy paper – 24 pages. 4 sizes 3”x5” up to 8.5”x11”. Heavy Duty cover with strap. We put ribbon on the 3 smaller sizes for a cute gift. This set of 3 now only $47.50.
  • Fabriano Studio Pads. 12 sheets to 50 sheet pads. Sized 8x10 up to 11x14. Cool thing here, the paper is made up of 25% cotton, not just paper fibers. Tougher sheet with longer fibers...also internal and externally sized. Bonus round material...this paper is available in a hot-pressed or smooth surface. Perfect for details and added pen & ink work.
  • Hahnemuhle “The Collection” paper. 100% cotton paper with very precise sizing. Available in a pad or even cooler, in a block. What is a block...another cool item that artists might not know about. Multiple sheets of paper are stacked up and then glued together. It helps keep ripples out of the paper. Imagine your painting board and paper have melded into one!
  • Speaking of Hahnemuhle...Toned papers. Smaller journals that have grey or gold toned paper. A very cool effect when using watercolors or gouache.
  • Speaking one last time of Hahnemuhle...the Bamboo Mixed Media “Carnet de Voyage” (or translated, carnet of voyage) is a favorite. 15 sheets of paper, nice texture, sprial-bound to lay flat...and 6”x10”.
  • Handbook journals. Natural linen cover. 4 sizes. 2 weights of paper...140# or a very heavy 300#. 30 sheets or 60 pages.
  • Postcards. A cool stocking stuffer or bonus gift. The 50 postcard package from Jack Richeson at $5.00 is one of our best values in the building. postcards. Very hip. Think metallic watercolors or gouache...opaque watercolors.

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