Holiday Bundle #1 at Spokane Art Supply

We love putting together one-of-a-kind bundles full of new products that we know you'll love.

A ton of color. 24 Inktense (every color they make!) along with 12 Graphitint colors. Think of the Inktense as the your bright, intense child. The Graphitint would then be your dark, moody child. These colors are mixed with graphite to give a dark, tonal effect. Mix together to get every emotion in-between.

7x10 paper journal. 140# paper, spiral-bound to lay flat. Landscape profile in case you happen upon any landscapes to profile. Hard cover to protect.

Pointliner pens. You could spend the day just pen & inking with these, but you can also use before or after your watercolors. Add details over the top, or color in your pen & ink work.

We didn’t add any more brushes, each set comes with a waterbrush...but of course we have more available on the website!

Purchase the Holiday #1 Bundle here on our website.


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