About our website....

About our website....

We recently re-launced SpokaneArtSupply.com on a new platform with a new look. I feel I should add just a bit of explanation as to why it looks like it does. At first glance, you may ask yourself, "do you only sell watercolors...what about canvas and inks...and books"? Fair question. 

Yes, yes the site does skew that way. There are currently 500 items online, and they do lean towards the watercolor arts.  We knew going in we couldn't compete with every item online that we had in the store. Here in the building we have 25,000 plus different items and didn't want to try and replicate a complete art store online. Fighting out-of-stock items (especially the last 2 years), updates and the sheer time needed was too much. In the end, we always want to make sure anyone coming in the door will get our best when it comes to selection, pricing and service.

A couple of takeaways.

1. Please visit us in-person. We have much more in-store than we would ever be able to put online or in a catalog. As new items, special deals and closeouts  become available, we grab them and pass along better pricing. Follow us on facebook or sign-up for our eblast about these new and transient offers.

2. Visit fineart.spokaneartsupply.com  This is a catalog site offered by our main supplier. It shows tens of thousands of items, many of which we carry and many we can easily get. If you place an order via this site, it is not tied in with spokaneartsupply.com. Becasue of larger items and in-stock and special order issues, we can take your order, adjust for any sale pricing and confirm any shipping costs before shipping. If you find an item you would like, shoot us an email and we can order for you.

3. Watch spokaneartsupply.com grow! Our hope is that our little-engine-that-can website will grow. It will allow us to add other best-selling categories, our favorite new items and built-out a complete site sooner than later. 

As always, if there is an item you are curious about or an item you would like us to get for you, shoot us an email. It is a great place to start, and we should be able to solve an issues you have. 

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