#3-New Bonus Savings items 10/12/20- Talens, Finetec

We just unpacked a palette of cool stuff from Royal Talens. Here are a few new things and a few favorites....

Rembrandt Toned pads. Available in 5 colors, this 120# paper has a nice, slightly-rough surface for any pastels. 50 sheets per pad. The A4 (approx 9x12) size pad is on sale for only $11.97ea. Colors: Industrial Grey, Desert Brown, Verona Green, Mystic Blue and Sanguine.

Added along with this new pad is a series of VanGogh watercolor blocks, black watercolor paper pads (2 sizes) new pastel pads and some new sketch pads. All items 40% while supplies last.

Amsterdam 20ml acrylic sets. If you put together a list of our favorite items by size, these acrylic tubes would be on the list. 20ml tubes in a huge range of colors (including metallics and pearls). Set now available in the 6 tube pearl ($11.48 sale price) up to the 96 tube jumbo set ($109.99 on sale). Sets come in 72, 48, 36 and 24 tube options.

Another of the favorite little items is this selection of Talens Art Creation sketch books. The two smaller sizes (on sale for $3.96ea) are available in black, red, white, coral, light blue, pink and golden yellow. The smaller sizes are 12x12cm and 9x14cm, so no one knows what size they really are! We also have black, red and white in a cool 15x21cm landscape along with some other fun sizes.


NEW Finetec Premium Watercolor sets. On sale for $49.99. We currently have 5 of the new sets in: Antique Tone pearl, High Chroma pearl, Flip-Flop pearl, High Sparkle iridescent and Neon! Super intense colors make for a fun Friday night!



As always, prices good while supplies last for 30 days from posting. If we run out, we will make every attempt to honor the sale prices.

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