#2-New Bonus Savings items 10/9/20- Cretacolor, Isabey, EcoQua

Vintage Kolinsky Sable Rounds from Isabey. We've just added rounds in sizes #2, #4, #6, #8, and #10.     40% off retail price.

Cretacolor Companion Pencil Set. Here is a great deal. This metal tin comes with 3 water-soluble pencils, a Nero drawing pencil and two oil-based drawing pencils, one black and one white.  All for only $5.00!

Cretacolor Tatto Sketching Set (14 pieces). 40% off puts the sale price at $29.37. Cool canister comes with Nero pencils, graphite pencils, 2 fine line pens and a bold, red brush pen.

Cretacolor Urban Sketching Set (24 pieces). Another 40% sale price; set is only $38.97. Cool canister comes with everything someone would need to sketch the urban environment. Graphite, Nero and water-soluble pencils, accessories and a few pens.


Fun items:

Pocket EcoQua "red-dot" notebook only $0.99 ea

Rasberry, Wine and Lime 5.8"x8.25" graph EcoQua pads only $1.98 ea

Mega graphite pencils only $1.29 ea

Artist Studio Colored pencil and Watercolor Pencil sets of 24...only $7.99 ea


Our best deal of the day, the Cretacolor "Black and White" Wooden Set. 25 pieces of drawing materials (compressed charcoal, graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, eraser and chamois) all in a sleek, white wooden box. Only $29.99!  msrp is $86.95.

Prices valid while supplies last for 30 days of post. If we run out, we will make every attempt to re-stock.

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