Twyla Jensen

Instructor: Twyla Jensen




Current class scheduled:March 2020 Resin Class

Artist Bio:
All of my life I’ve been creating something in one way or another.  As a child I loved paint by numbers, wood burning tools, jewelry kits and something called Dippity Glass (that is really divulging my age!).

A number of years ago I picked up alcohol inks.  I watched some videos and started to play.  After taking a number of advanced ink painting classes I was hooked.  I participate in numerous art sales around the area and love to teach classes.
I also make jewelry from resin, ink and copper.  It is a passion of mine to continue to build my business, Spirit Soul Treasures, which involves making jewelry and mementos with cremains (ash) from either a human or pet cremains.  I believe this will help in the healing process after the loss of a loved one.
Making resin pieces and pouring using resin and inks is another passion.
I’m also an athlete and love to compete in cycling and running events.
Alcohol Ink Class sample
Alcohol Ink Class-beginning