Tomato Plants 2021

Tomato Plants 2021

For those of you that loved Claudia’s tomato plants last year, a new crop is available this year!

“We start with organic, untreated seed. No growth hormones or regulators are used, just organic fertilizer. We
expanded the number of varieties of tomatoes to 35 this year. We have 9 pepper varieties which are different
from last year & far more vigorous. They are beginning to bloom now. If anyone wants plants early, they are
ready to go now but will need protection for a number of weeks.”

If you bought from us last year, you know the process. We’ll plan to do the same thing this year . For those who may be new, send your want list to the email below. We are still using the numeric system for plant ID. It’s fast and efficient. Include a couple of dates that you can come to Spokane Art Supply to pick up the plants. I’ll email back a confirmation, or notice if we are out of a selection. If you want to arrange pick – up from the nursery in Deer Park we will schedule that too. Price for each plant is $6.00 which includes sales tax. To keep costs down we still request cash payable when you pickup at Spokane Art Supply.

E – mail your selections to : Note the period between Claudia & km.

ed note: most all plants have been purchased and are being delivered. Keep an eye out for the remainders sale coming soon.

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