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Polycolor Classrom Pack: 144 Pencils

Polycolor Classrom Pack: 144 Pencils

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About the Polycolor:  Polycolor colored pencils are water-resistant, non-toxic and layer and blend beautifully without waxy buildup. The 3.8mm lead contains special oils and binders that allows the pencils to create dense, even strokes without the use of heavy pressure. The broad edge is excellent for shading, while the finely sharpened point creates exquisite detail. The leads are encased in California Cedar for easy sharpening.

Set includes 12 each of the following 12 colors:

3 Yellow
5 Orange
6 Vermillion
7 Carmine
13 Violet
18 Light Blue
19 Dark Blue
25 Grass Green
26 Dark Green
30 Indian Red
32 Brown
36 Black

Product# FA3820CP

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