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Hanji Book: Passport 88x125mm Set of 3

Hanji Book: Passport 88x125mm Set of 3

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New to us, another in the product line we call "so darn cute". These 88x125mm (approx 3.5" x 5") books hold 32 pages of Hanji paper.

Hanji paper is a traditional Korean paper that comes from the inner bark of the mulberry tree. This high-quality paper is strong yet soft to the touch using the natural textures of the fibers: a durable yet versatile material while maintaining its lightness and beauty. 

Add a strong cover with the image screen printed by hand, you've got a great item to take with you. Each item is a package with 3 books.

* Plain, 80gsm paper Hanji paper
* Each item/bundle contains 3 journals
* Saddle-stitch binding
* Made in Korea

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