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Boya Crayon

Boya Crayon Billboard 20 Set

Boya Crayon Billboard 20 Set

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No rules, just start drawing!

Colors include:
Snow White,
Ivory Beige, 
Sunny Lemon Yellow,
Sunflower Yellow,
Realgar Orange,
Pink Rose,
Cinnabar Red,
Beetroot Purple,
Jade Green,
Lime Green,
April Green, 
Turquoise Blue,
Plum Blue
Ultramarine Blue,
Amethyst Violet,
Mars Black,
Olympic Gold,
Olympic Silver,
Olympic Bronze.

Non-toxic drawing tool where the color stays on the paper, not on the hand. 
  * No fixative required
  * Resharpens as you draw
  * More material for longer life
  * Many sets available

Product# BPB20

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