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Winsor & Newton

24+1 Student Designer Winsor & Newton ProMarker BRUSH Set

24+1 Student Designer Winsor & Newton ProMarker BRUSH Set

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Alcohol-based translucent ink. Twin-tipped markers: aflexible brush nib and a broad chisel nib. Translucent inks provide easy layering and streak-free application. Colors were chosen to give an artist a balanced collection of complementary tones and statement colors, essential in a range of disciplines for design students + higher eductation.  Comes with fabric case.

Colors included in the set:

Y747 Yellow
O567 Amber
O177 Bright Orange
M727 Rose Pink
R156 Carmine
R455 Ruby
M544 Maroon
V735 Plum
B318 Cloud Blue
B137 Sky Blue
B944 Egyptian Blue
V234 Indigo Blue
C217 Pebble Blue
G956 Ocean Teal
G356 Forest Green
G756 Lush Green

Y217 Champagne
O427 Cinnamon
O345 Saddle Brown
O225 Henna
CG1 Cool Grey 1
CG3 Cool Grey 3
CG5 Cool Grey 5
XB Black
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