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Daniel Smith

238 Watercolor Dot Try-Out Card from Daniel Smith

238 Watercolor Dot Try-Out Card from Daniel Smith

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You know that feeling at Christmas when you  open another package and get another fun surprise? Image that 238 times...well, close. This is one of our favorite items in the watercolor world. These sheets contain a try-out amount of 238 Daniel Smith watercolors (the dot) including metallic and earth tones. Wet out a dot and try colors before you commit. I guess if you like Christmas or have commitment issues, this is the product for you.

  • Provided on watercolor paper.
  • Watercolor Dot Charts include the painting properties for every color with a pain-table dot you can try out for yourself.

The 238-Color Try-It Sheets include:

  • 31 dots of PrimaTeks,
  • 5 Mayan colors,
  • 13 Quinacridone colors,
  • 6 cadmium hues,
  • 18 iridescent,
  • 5 interference,
  • 17 duochrome,
  • pearlescent shimmer,
  • pearlescent white and
  • 141 of Extra Fine Watercolors

Warning required by the State of California Only.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm-

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