Pentel Pen Bundle with Roll-Up


Pentel Pen Assortment with Roll-up

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Try-out a great selection of Pentel pens, and hold them all in a cool, fabric roll-up. Bundle contains:
1 – Pointliner Pigmented Ink Pen Set/5 (S20PBP5A )
These black drawing pens have a durable plastic nib, come in 5 sizes (.05mm, .1mm, .3mm, .5mm & .8mm) and have pigmented ink that is permanent when dry. Great for any illustrating, writing or using with urban sketching and watercolor work.
1 – Sign Pen Variety Pack/4 (S5SeSTBP4A)
A black sign pen in each of the different varieties available.
1 – Original Sign Pen; perfect for any writing, drawing or doodling!
1 – Brush tip Sign Pen: pressure sensitive, flexible nib. Great for hand lettering or adding shape to your lines.
1 – Micro tip Sign Pen: synthetic bristle tip with individual bristles to create hairline to wide lines.
1 – Pigment Ink Sign Pen: Permanent, pegmented ink with a durable fiber tip.
1 – Pocket Brush Pen with 2 refills (GFKP3BPA)
A water-resistant ink that refills easily with a cartridge. Durable bristles create lines from fine to broad in the same stroke.
1 – Color Brush Pen with water-based ink (GFLBP101)
This medium tipped pen has a durable nylon brush tip and is easy to refill using a replacement cartridge. Fill larger areas and created bolder strokes with this large tip.
  • Selection of pens comes with a complimentary, fabric roll-up. Multiple styles available, roll-up supplied may not match image shown.


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