M. Graham “Stan Miller” Set of 5 Watercolors


Five colors chosen by watercolor artist Stan Miller for maximum results. As Stan says, “With these five colors, one should be able to achieve quite closely, nearly any color one desires. Mixing these colors together, correctly, one can create many, diversified colors”.

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Stan Miller is an artist and instructor (literally) near & dear to us here at Spokane Art Supply. Currently he teaches 3 ongoing classes during the week and a 2-day workshop quarterly. He has currated a selection of the M. Graham watercolors to best fit his style.

To see more of Stan Miller in action, visit his YouTube page.
To see more of Stan talking about color and why 5 strong colors is a great place to start, take a look at this video and part 2. 

Set includes a 14ml tube of:

Azo Yellow #018
Cadmium Yellow #060
Cadmium Red Light #050
Quinacridone Rose #156
Phthalo Blue Red Shade #141

M. Graham watercolor is made with a time-honored binding medium of natural blackberry honey and pure gum arabic, which gives it extraordinary strength that is easily diluted for smooth, controlled washes and richer color.

This product contains a chemical know
to the State of California to cause cancer.
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