Inspirations 1/2 Pan Daniel Smith Watercolor Set (6 colors)


Colors of Inspirations Daniel Smith half-pan Watercolor Set

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“Colors of Inspiration” Set.¬†¬†Artists are excited by color and find themselves inspired by new, juicy colors which is exactly what our Colors of Inspiration Half Pan Set is designed to do!

These six unusual colors, found only in DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, are gorgeous colors on their own, as mixers with one another, and mixed with the other colors on your palette. These colors have become favorites of many artists because they are unique colors, and add a touch of wonderful color to their paintings.

    • Wisteria*
    • Lavender*
    • Rose of Ultramarine*
    • Moonglow*
    • Shadow Violet*
    • Serpentine Genuine*

Pans are hand poured in Seattle, WA for the purest from of professional watercolor half pans. Colors will re-wet quickly and easily; paint formula for pans and tube colors is the same! Palette comes filled with 6 colors and 9 empty spaces to fill with your favorite color.

This product contains a chemical know
to the State of California to cause cancer.
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