DaVinci Casaneo Brush Gift Set


DaVinci Casaneo Brush Gift Set

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3 Casaneo watercolor brushes in a gift box.

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Magnetic snap box contains:

1 – Series 498 #2 Quill

1 – Series 898 #10 Slant

1 – Series 5597 # 12 Oval



The Casaneo is a brush built for any watercolor or water-media needs. Its “new, wavy synthetic fiber” was developed to absorb a large amount of water and deliver a long brush stroke. The quill is a great, round shape coming to a tight point. The oval brush is another great brush; it has a “pointed filbert” or “cat’s tongue” style of point. The tip comes to a fine point but has the full belly to reservoir fluids. Toss in a slant brush, this set has brushes that were built to hold a large amount of water and create long strokes.


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