Bee #808 4″x6″ Super Deluxe Sketchbook-60sht


“The One Sketchbook You Will Ever Need”….words from Mr. Aquabee himself, and in this case, fitting. We sell this sketchbook for drawing media, anything mixed as well as watercolor classes.

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This heavyweight 93lb (150gms) archival quality drawing paper is well-rounded for mixed media. This natural white sheet has two distinct surfaces. Top side has a tooth for dry media and works well as a cold-pressed watercolor sheet. The bottom side is fabulous with pen & ink and works as a hot-pressed surface with watercolors.

  • Internally and externally sized
  •  Water-resistant cover
  •  Extra heavy 100% recycled chipboard back
  •  Double wire-binding creates a flat surface

Image show is the 9″x12″ version.

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