21 Additional DS Half Pans for #284650113


21 Daniel Smith 1/2 Pans to complete #284650113

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When you purchase a #285650113 pan set from Daniel Smith, you get 24 colors packaged in a metal tin, and an extra, empty metal box that can hold 24 more colors. At this time, there are a total of 45 Daniel Smith colors available in the pre-poured half pans. We will send you every other color that Daniel Smith makes to help you to fill your empty tin!

Yes, you can order the colors separately, but we just did the math for you. We will pick all the missing colors and send them to you!

We will send you the following colors…

039  Hansa Yellow Medium
046  Indigo
049  Lunar Black
056  Monte Amiata Natural Sienna
057  Moonglow
101  Rose of Ultramarine
111  Venetian Red
130  Transparent Red Oxide
142  Cascade Green
179  Sodalite Genuine
183  Lunar Blue
184  Cadmium Yellow Hue
188  Shadow Violet
190  Serpentine Genuine
197  Green Apetite
199  Bronzite Genuine
206  Cerulean Blue
230  Burnt Sienna Light
231  Wisteria
232  Lavender
235  Paynes Blue Grey


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